The PwC Foundation Homelessness Innovation Grant

Here at PwC, our purpose is clear, to build trust in society and solve important problems means homelessness is an issue we cannot ignore. PwC’s Innovation Grant provides funding to Not For Profit organisations that are creating innovative solutions to the homelessness crisis in Australia.

The Innovation Grant is an investment of up to $80,000, and is designed to provide support, development and implementation for programs that are either delivering innovative solutions to homelessness or have the potential to do so.

While being able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the program with real examples and data is advantageous, we will also consider new ideas that are yet to be implemented, providing prior planning and viability assessments have already been achieved.

PwC shares a vision to end homelessness in Australia in a generation

Homelessness is the driver of many elements of poverty and disengagement in Australian society and is a problem too large for one entity to solve alone. It requires great effort and attention from us and many others, to adequately address. At PwC we’ve been thinking about how we might approach some of Australia’s big social issues differently – we acknowledge the rate of homelessness in a country like Australia is unacceptable. We want to empower our people to take personal steps to prevent homelessness from increasing, and we have a responsibility to be part of a wider social effort to reduce homelessness across the country.

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Source: PwC