The Sirius building’s last tenant, Myra Demetriou, 91, reveals her future plans

Sometimes, a person’s life story tells a larger tale. In the case of Myra Demetriou, the only resident now left in Sydney’s famed Sirius public housing block, it’s the evolution of Sydney Harbour from working port to millionaires’ playground.

Myra Demetriou has it all planned out. When she dies, which is going to be sooner rather than later given she’s 91, her body will be shuttled to the University of Sydney, where it will be donated to science. There are two advantages to this, she tells me: It saves on the expense of a funeral, and it will help someone, somewhere: medical students, perhaps, or a scientist looking into longevity or maybe even a transplant patient who desperately requires a pair of arthritic knees.

This is what gets Myra jazzed. Helping people. Any people. In 2014, she baked 96 scones for a picnic held by residents of Sirius, the social housing complex where she lives, in Sydney. Then, last year, she cooked up 24 Christmas puddings. Or was it 34 puddings? Doesn’t matter. Either way, a lot of cakes got baked, and that was good.

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