The Victorian Housing Register: A Work in Progress

The implementation of a Victorian Housing Register (the Register) to create a single pathway for people accessing social housing in Victoria has been a long time coming.

Given that almost all other states have been operating single application processes for clients for quite some time, it may come as a surprise that despite concerted efforts in Victoria (both 2007 and 2010), the development and implementation of a model for a single waiting list for clients to access public and community long-term housing, did not proceed.

By contrast with previous efforts in this state, following the announcement in September 2015 of the need for a common housing waiting list in Victoria by the Minister for Housing, Ageing and Disability, work progressed quickly to achieve this outcome.

By mid-December 2015 agreement had been reached between community housing organisations, key community stakeholders and the Department of Health and Human Services on an operating model, with broad policy principles underpinning what was to be known as the ‘Victorian Housing Register’. Furthermore, work had already started on the IT solution to support the Register’s day-to-day operations, and the development of tools and guidelines. Within 12 months of the initial announcement, in early September 2016, Minister Foley launched the Victorian Housing Register. This saw the demise of the previous public housing waiting list which had transitioned seamlessly into the Register’s structure.

There are currently two major components of the Victorian Housing Register: the online application; and a focus on work to implement a process for community housing organisations to start working directly in the Register, the aim being to have as many on board as possible by June 2018.

Victorian Housing Register Online Application

After the launch of the Register, the online application was delivered. This development streamlined the process for clients and support workers and alleviated the use of paper-based applications.

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