Thirty solutions to address Wellington housing

Wellington Mayor Justin Lester says the proposed Housing Strategy – released today – contains 30 solutions that are designed to address the city’s unique housing needs across a spectrum of temporary housing, short- and long-term rentals and home ownership.

“Wellington’s geography, with the harbour on one side and the town belt on the other, naturally limits sprawl. But as a city that is growing fast, there’s an urgent need to address a variety of issues at the same time.

“Homelessness is an urgent issue and, at the same time, so is student accommodation, the quality of rentals and whether or not people can afford to buy their own home.”

The Mayor says that following the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake, resilience is also part of the equation.

The 30 solutions to tackle Wellington’s housing issues include a $5000 rates remission for first home builders, looking at opportunities to turn underused buildings into affordable central city apartments and making the process of applying for a building consent easier.

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Source: Wellington City Council