Thousands of vulnerable South Australians wait for public housing as homes sit empty

MORE than 1500 housing commission homes are classed as untenantable as 21,000 vulnerable South Australian sit on the State Government’s official waiting list for public housing.

The number of properties available for public housing in SA is falling according to new figures from the South Australian Housing Trust while the number of untenantable properties are on the rise.

The State Government says homes are being sold through an Affordable Homes Program to give tenants the opportunity to get into homeownership.

But Shelter SA, the state’s peak housing association, say there is an immediate need for new public housing stock with an estimated 21,000 South Australians sleeping at friends, in boarding houses, couchsurfing or living on the street.

Figures show that between 2012/13 and last financial year the number of tenantable housing properties reduced from 43,278 properties to 39,074 — a reduction of 10 per cent.

During the same period the number of untenantable properties grew from 642 to 1572 — an increase of 144 per cent.

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