Thousands worse off in NDIS

The $22 billion NDIS is failing the nation’s most vulnerable people, leaving as many as one in five, many with intellectual and mental disabilities, reporting that the ­flagship scheme has left them worse off.

Flinders University researchers, presiding over the longest and most rigorous study of the Nat­ional Disability Insurance Scheme, have ­declared it is now “unreasonable” to expect the scheme to be delivered on time, while reporting that about half of all participants have had support cut or experienced no change in support under the new system.

As the Coalition prepares to mount a case for funding the program from general government revenue, and ditching the proposed Medicare levy increase to raise $8bn more for the scheme in its first four years, the four-year evaluation report concludes the scheme is struggling to cope with its workload.

At a “high level”, the scheme is “working very well”, the report says, but key crises that the researchers highlighted probably won’t be fixed before full rollout, which is due in 2020.

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