Time for Australian cities and regions to grow up and move out

It’s time for Australia to grow up and move out according to a new report on the challenges faced by our expanding cities and regions.

Titled Building Up and Moving Out the report, tabled in Parliament in recent days, depicts a nation in the midst of “rapid change” with growing numbers of people flocking to cities and urban centres.

The culmination of a parliamentary inquiry into the government’s role in the development of cities, the report warned of the dangers of failing to adequately plan for the future of growing metropolises and regions.

It calls for a “national vision – a national plan of settlement”.

Population growth, urbanisation, an ageing population and the transformation of the economy towards “service and knowledge based industries” are causing “profound changes in the urban and regional landscape,” the report found.

“The outcome of these changes will depend on how they are managed.”

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Source: The New Daily