‘Too old to keep going’: Older people at risk of homelessness jumps by 50pc in NSW, data shows

At 68, June Hope has suddenly found herself homeless.

Her husband Tony died from cancer four weeks ago. The next day she was forced to pack up their two-bedroom home near Wollongong on the New South Wales coast, as she could not afford the $365-a-week rent without him.

“I haven’t grieved yet because I haven’t had time with moving and trying to find another place and moving my stuff out, I can’t sleep,” Mrs Hope said.

“I am in despair.”

Everything she owns is now packed away in her sister’s back garden shed.

“I had to give all of his stuff away because I had nowhere to put it. That is very distressing to me as it feels like he didn’t exist,” she said.

Even before her husband’s death, Mrs Hope said they were struggling to survive in the private rental market and were waiting for priority public housing.

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