Towers illuminate to meet their Waterloo

The twin towers at the centre of Waterloo public housing estate have been illuminated with squares of coloured lighting for an arts project that draws attention to their uncertain future.

Visible from a distance, the 30-storey high Matavai and Turanga building windows light up at 5.30pm each evening with a display that resembles a watercolor artist’s paint palette.

The organisers behind the illuminated windows, We Live Here 2017, conceived of the art installation prior to the December 2015 announcement that the entire 18-hectare Waterloo public housing estate will be demolished or sold to private investors.
Clare Lewis, project supervisor, lives near the condemned buildings and originally considered lighting up the towers as a public art installation. Upon learning they were facing demolition she changed the focus.

“One of the reasons we chose these towers is partly because they’re so tall and prominent in the area, but also because they’re really fantastic examples of 1970s Brutalist architecture.”

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