Transitional housing lure for developers in The Hills

A “history-making” new proposal will see developers rewarded with bonus floor space if they provide transitional housing in The Hills.

The planning proposal by The Hills Shire Council aims to provide transitional housing for vulnerable community members at no cost to ratepayers.

Under the proposal, a provision would be added to The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2012 for a capped floor space bonus to encourage willing developers to provide transitional housing as part of new residential developments.

The move comes two weeks after council resolved to investigate ways to encourage the provision of transitional housing in The Hills following a motion put forward by Mayor Yvonne Keane.

The plan would see one additional dwelling allowed for every transitional group home provided, up to a maximum of 10 additional dwellings – five of which would need to be a transitional group home.

The transitional homes would remain the property of the developer and would be managed by community housing providers or not-for-profit organisations, and would be returned to the developer after a set period of time.

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