Two new Govt policies bring hope for generation rent

Generation rent’s lot may get better soon. Two new policies working their way through the system could make renting fairer and healthier.

Both need renters to engage, otherwise whinging landlords will get all the limelight.

As homes have become more and more unaffordable, fewer and fewer own homes. Across generations home ownership is falling, but the impact is larger on the young and poor. They have been firmly shoved off the home ownership ladder.

The poor and vulnerable have been caught in a vicious squeeze. Previously middle class are now renting and crowding them out.

The government’s deliberate neglect of state housing stock is forcing poor and vulnerable with complex needs into the private rental market.

At the 2013 census, just over half of all adults were renting. The share of renters has continued to increase since then. While only a third of households rent, they are the larger and typically younger households with kids or with flat mates.

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Source: Stuff NZ