Understanding opportunities for social impact investment in the development of affordable housing

This report presents findings from a research project conducted as part of a broader AHURI Inquiry into social impact investment for housing and homelessness outcomes (Muir, Findlay et al. forthcoming). The purpose of this research is to investigate what contribution SII can make to increasing the supply of affordable housing through providing a detailed analysis of: i) SII in affordable housing internationally and in Australia, ii) opportunities and risks for SII in Australia, iii) barriers to investment, iv) potential for innovation and v) measures government and other parties can take to encourage investment.

To date there has been no review of SII in the development of social and affordable housing in Australia. While SII is increasingly of interest in relation to homelessness and housing vulnerability, its application to housing supply has not attracted the same kind of policy attention, despite international and Australian examples. Little therefore is known of investments, the quantum of investment, who the investors are, their motivations or the impact arising from their investment.

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