University of Tasmania researchers release a Tasmanian housing update

The Institute for the Study of Social Change has prepared an updated overview of the housing situation in Hobart to inform the ongoing debate about housing accessibility and affordability.

The Institute’s research shows the tight housing market has been caused by a combination of factors including:

  • Increasing rate of population growth resulting from
    • A decline in the number of people moving out of the Greater Hobart area
    • An increase in the number of people moving in from interstate
    • An increase in international students
  • A ‘commencement gap’ delaying the construction of new residential dwellings following an increase in the number of approvals since 2017
  • A trade-off between residential and non-residential construction activity, resulting in a shortage of construction workers
  • An increase in the conversion of entire properties, some of which are likely to have been long term rental accommodation, to short-term holiday accommodation

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