Victorian public housing waiting list at 82,000 and growing by 500 a month

It is under great sufferance, but Clare Schilling is almost a vegetarian.

“It wouldn’t take much to be one on our diet,” she said.

“There’s not much meat in it. There’s not much of anything in it actually.

After paying rent on a home in North Bendigo with her Newstart allowance, the 51-year-old said there wasn’t a lot of money left for food.

And that is after she splits the bill with her daughter.

“The only reason that we can pay the rent is because [of] my daughter who’s 18 and is on youth allowance. So essentially we pay half the rent each,” she said.

For the weeks where their budget doesn’t cover things like food, she relies on the services of organisations like Anglicare Victoria.

About six months ago, in an effort to escape the private rental market, Ms Schilling also signed up for public housing.

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