Viewers of Struggle Street slam Queensland Police for removal of single-mum and family from home

VIEWERS of SBS-TV’S Struggle Street have slammed the treatment of character Norma Boyd, after more than 20 police stormed and removed the single mum from her dilapidated Brisbane house.

Ms Boyd, 45, whose daughter was charged with a drug offence resulting in the Department of Housing revoking the family’s tenancy and evicting them from their home in suburban Inala, was removed by Queensland police during the second episode of the controversial series.

Ms Boyd was forcibly shuffled down the front stairs of the Housing Department rental, which despite its peeling paint and ramshackle exterior is clearly a home Norma does not want to leave.

“I want my clothes, I want my clothes,” she says. “Don’t touch me, don’t touch me.

“This is what it takes to remove me from my house,” Norma says as she spills her coffee on the stairs in front of the police officer.

“A single black woman. I’ve done no wrong. What they do to first nation people.

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