VOX POP: What needs to be done to prevent insecure tenancies and sub-standard housing being the only option for disadvantaged or marginalised people?

Jason Cubit, CEO @ Horizon Housing

”It’s a discomforting truth that families on low incomes, pensioners and people living with disability are subjected to sub-standard housing and lack of rental security. More needs to be done on all levels of government to provide our community’s most vulnerable members with safe and sustainable housing solutions.”

“The solution is three-fold. Our country needs to commit more funding towards subsidised housing, increase the supply of new dwellings, and introduce proper regulation through the residential tenancies act.”

Greg Groufsky, Deputy Chief Executive and Acting Chief Operating Officer @ Housing New Zealand

“At Housing New Zealand, we’re doing whatever it takes to sustain our tenant and their whānau (extended family) in their home. This is easy to say but challenging to achieve but we’re committed to that outcome. This means, we will only end a tenancy if the tenant has used, or threatened to use, physical violence against our staff or their neighbours.”

“We know – the evidence is very clear – that if we, as New Zealand’s primary public housing provider, end someone’s tenancy, it will create significantly poorer outcomes for them. It’s our task to provide a safe, stabile and secure home. It’s not our job to add and increase marginalisation for some of New Zealand’s most vulnerable people.”

Natalie Rutherford, Policy Officer @ Tenants Victoria

“Housing affordability – or, rather, unaffordability – continues to mean that only low quality or sub-standard housing is available for those low incomes (such as Newstart) to rent. As well as building more housing, strong minimum standards for heating, ventilation, structural integrity, and energy efficiency will help bring rental housing into the 21st century.”