Wellbeing of Sydneysiders and city’s economy suffering due to poor housing affordability, report finds

The wellbeing and productivity of Sydneysiders has taken a direct hit because of a lack of affordable housing, a new report suggests.

Aside from the immediate effect of expensive housing on the tightening of families’ purse strings, the city’s housing affordability is also affecting residents’ health and even creating problems for childhood learning, researchers from the University of New South Wales’ City Futures Research Centre found.

The report, Making Better Economic Cases for Housing Policies, found the high cost of housing in Sydney is also affecting the labour market – how long people work for, how far from work they live, what age they retire – and has created a new dilemma, whether people can even afford to live in Sydney.

“People making decisions about housing have to see more than just a social justice benefit,” said lead report author Professor Duncan Maclennan, a visiting professor from the University of Glasgow.

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