What can social impact investing do for housing and homelessness in Australia?

AHURI research examines opportunities of social impact investment for housing and homelessness.

Social Impact Investments (SII), which fund solutions to complex social problems including housing and homelessness policy, were worth an estimated A$2 billion in 2013 and could grow to as much as A$32 billion in the 2020s.

New research from AHURI, The opportunities, risks and possibilities of social impact investment for housing and homelessness, and led by the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) at UNSW, reveals that SII, although in its infancy in Australia, has the potential to:

  • significantly increase the supply of affordable housing with attractive attributes
  • significantly increase the supply of fit-for-purpose social housing and support other positive outcomes
  • act as an incubator for government to trial innovative and new ways of providing services that effectively deliver desired outcomes.

Social impact investment aims to achieve both a social and financial return. Through collaboration between service providers, investors and governments SII can untap new sources of capital (through different types of investors) and enhance the return on government investment.

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