What is a Community Land Trust?

Although not common in Australia, community land trusts have been used in some parts of the world, particularly the US and the UK, to make housing more affordable.

What is a Community Land Trust?

A Community Land Trust (CLT) is a form of shared ownership of a property, where the land component of a residential property is owned by community based, not-for-profit legal entity and the actual building is owned (or leased long-term) by an individual household.

How does a CLT work?

As CLTs remove land costs from the cost of housing they can make housing more affordable, particularly in markets where increases in land value outpace income gains for lower income workers. The CLT will charge an ongoing ground lease (i.e. a form of rent) for the land, often payable monthly by the householder. This ground lease may be subsidised for low income households so as to make housing affordable.

What are the benefits?

CLTs offer householder’s many of the benefits of home ownership, including householder’s control over a dwelling, security of tenure and transfer of occupancy rights, and the potential for some asset wealth building. The ground leases on which the homes are built are inheritable, and properties on leased land can be bought and sold at prices determined by a resale formula spelt out in each CLT’s ground lease.

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Source: AHURI