What it’s like to grow up in a boarding house

What it's like to grow up in a boarding house

RNZ reported on a family at a South Auckland boarding house who have given up hope of ever getting a state home.

Raymond Teinaki and his family have been living at Favona Lodge in Mangere for seven years.

He, his wife and his two teenage sons live in one bedroom and share shower and toilet facilities with other tenants. His 17-year-old daughter lives nearby, with her aunt.

Here, Mr Teinaki’s sons write about what it’s like growing up and living in a lodge.

Son, 13

“The reason why we ended up living in a lodge was because my family couldn’t get a state house from the government.

“My family and I have been living in a lodge for seven whole years. Living in a lodge is okay I guess. There are good and bads. We get to socialise with many different people of many cultures, and the owners are very kind.

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