What’s a new state house really like? Tāmaki introduces the prototype

Social housing is now integrated with privately owned homes to create connected, resilient and diverse neighbourhoods.

Forget the traditional state house model, which has always been easy to spot. In Tāmaki, Auckland that’s fast disappearing, along with the name.

Today, it’s called social housing, and the state-owned houses are mixed in with privately owned properties, making it impossible to tell which is a social house and which is in private ownership.

And that’s a deliberate move by Tāmaki Regeneration Company (TRC) to remove the stigma traditionally attached to social housing.

TRC strategy and performance general manager Shelley Katae says there is a lot of good evidence showing that living in diverse neighbourhoods drives better life outcomes. “People living side by side with no social housing identification creates connected, resilient and diverse neighbourhoods,” she says. “Our key driver is literally, that Tāmaki is an awesome place to live.”

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