‘Where are we supposed to go?’ Homeless told to move on

“WHERE are we suppose to go?”

Despite living on the streets and having his bed stolen earlier this year, James, one of the homeless men residing near the Wide Bay Volunteers building on Woongarra St, has been thrown yet another curve-ball.

James said he was approached by a Bundaberg Regional Council office employee at 5.30/6am yesterday who told him police wanted them to move away from where they were set up.

“It’s really weird,” James said.

“We are still unsure as to what the problem is as we have talked to a few of the council workers that we know – as we talk to them most days – and they are very surprised and don’t understand why we were told to move.

“We have never had any complaints, we are always tidy and polite but the council employee that told us to go told us that the police told the council that we can’t be there; which doesn’t make sense. I have talked to the police about 10 times in the last month reporting crimes to them and not once have they even hinted we had to move.”

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