Why LGBTQ Victorians are twice as likely to face homelessness

Discrimination, violence, family rejection and heightened stress are why LGBTQ Victorians are at least twice as likely to find themselves without a home, a report has found.

In response to the alarming evidence provided by the study, The Council to Homeless Persons is calling for specialist accommodation options for young LGBTIQ people.

The recently released LGBTQ Homelessness Research Project, published by the Gay and Lesbian Foundation of Australia, explored why LGBTQ Australians are significantly overrepresented in homelessness data, but also how they could be better supported. It’s findings and recommendations have significant implications for housing and homelessness services’ approaches to LBGTIQ clients.

The study’s Lead researcher Dr Ruth McNair, has said, “We found that LGBTQ people often have complex and interacting pathways to homelessness. These are driven by unique vulnerabilities around experiences of family rejection, discrimination, and marginalisation. These issues need specific policy and service responses.”

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