World Indigenous Housing Conference: call for abstract summaries

The World Indigenous Housing Conference is the principal conference to provide a platform for leaders in housing, health, education and related services from around the world to come together. Up to 2,000 delegates representing Indigenous leaders, government, industry and academia will meet in May 2019 on the Gold Coast. They will share experiences, explore opportunities and innovative solutions, work to improve access to adequate housing and related services for the world’s Indigenous people.

The Conference is being facilitated through the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples. Expressions of Interests are being called for from any person or organisation who would like to participate in the event by sharing their expertise and knowledge in a number of areas of focus. These are;
  • A Holistic and Health Based Approach from the Bottom Up
  • Raising Housing Standards on a Global Scale
  • The Architecture of Housing
  • Relocation, Displacement and Homelessness
  • Indigenous Finance and Economic Development
  • Global Indigenous Youth of Today
  • Closing the Gap
  • Impacts of Inappropriate Housing and other Social Determinants
  • Affordable Housing
  • Government Involvement – Australia and Globally
  • Health and Housing
  • Sustainability of Indigenous Housing Provider Systems
  • Land Tenure, Land Divides and Reconciliation
  • Wrap Around Services, Rental Housing and Tenancy Management
  • Disability, Rehabilitation and Mental Health
  • Impact of Climate Change on the external Environment, Housing and Communities
  • The Effect of Housing on the Family Unit
  • The Procurement Process and Tender Support
  • Community and Social Infrastructure
The closing date for abstract summaries is 12 midnight (Australian Daylight Savings Time), Friday 12 October, 2018.

For those abstract summaries that are chosen, full abstract submissions will be required by 12 midnight (ADST), Friday 2 November, 2018.

Abstract summaries are required to be submitted in template form. For more information please contact;