‘Your life is being destroyed from what you suffer on the streets’

AS SYDNEYSIDERS argue over the fate of homeless people in 40 tents camped squarely in their CBD, America’s biggest homeless enclave is in fresh crisis.

Los Angeles’ Skid Row is a virtual no-go zone for tourists.

It sprawls across more than 50 blocks of desperate poverty, home to about 8000 downtrodden, destitute and disadvantaged.

By day, the mass of people fill its streets, footpaths, alleys and parks. A teeming mass with nowhere left to go.

At night, those that can take refuge in shelters the queue for space in, or try to sleep in the tents that line footpaths for blocks on end.

Some might find a park bench. Others huddle under tarpaulins. More find what space they can for their blanket, scant possessions — if indeed they have any — spilling into the street.

It’s been like that for decades. Countless attempts to “clean up Skid Row” under the weight of sheer numbers and reality: There’s nowhere for the homeless to go.

And it’s not getting any better.

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