Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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Re-imagining Affordable & Sustainable Housing in Geelong

More affordable housing options are coming to light that promote collective living and sustainable designs.

Collective housing enables a group of residents to design their own sustainable compact home at cost.

One of the speakers at Geelong Sustainability’s Clever Living seminar on ‘Innovative options for affordable housing’ is Tim Riley, founder of Property Collectives.

Mr Riley said building with a collective allows people to take control of their housing options and create higher quality living spaces at cost.

More affordable housing means homeowners aren’t weighed down by massive monthly mortgage repayments, which frees up their finances to help pay for other household expenses that are often neglected including property maintenance and gutter cleaning in Geelong.

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Anembo Affordable Homes showcases the house you can build in three hours

A Queensland company is seeing a surge in demand for its flatpack houses that are erected in less time than it takes most people to put together an IKEA bunk bed.

The houses have become increasingly popular across parts of South East Queensland because of their relative affordability and the fact that erecting them is simple and fast, according to Steve Murray of Anembo Affordable Homes.

A two bedroom 60 sqm expandable home called The Valentine was just $58,200, he said, with the firm picking up orders for the new year in places like Russell Island where land was currently selling cheap at about $19,000.

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Source: News.com.au