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Only a total rethink can solve the housing crisis

October 2, 2018 0

It’s become trite now to mention the fact that each Conservative party conference juxtaposes the destitute homeless people sleeping slumped in corners with the elites rolling out of bars after emptying bottles of bubbly. It […]

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Fresh bid to tackle Tahiti homelessness

September 27, 2018 0

The French Polynesian government is still exploring ways to help the hundreds of homeless people in Tahiti. Another meeting has been held attended by the family and health ministers as well as representatives of the […]

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A history of homelessness

September 19, 2018 0

The UK government recently pledged to ‘end homelessness’ by 2027. But has such a strategy ever been attempted before and, given the success of historical examples, is it even possible? Writing for History Extra, Nicholas Crowson […]